B&W needs no introduction and have long been a fave here at Acoustica.  They are one of the largest speaker manufacturers and this allows them to build some truly quality speakers for less than you think.

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The 603 S3 is the largest loudspeaker in the 600 Series and


The 603 S3 is the largest loudspeaker in the 600 Series and


The 603 S3 is the largest loudspeaker in the 600 Series and


Our flagship, the 702 S3, is a state-of-the-art tower speake


The new 703 S3 now features our iconic Tweeter-on-Top config


The slimmest floor-standing loudspeaker Bowers & Wilkins


705 S3’s Carbon Dome tweeter is housed in a Solid Body Twe


Thanks to 706 S3’s decoupled Carbon Dome tweeter and caref


707 S3’s space friendly design makes it easy to accommodat


Marking the pinnacle of Bowers & Wilkins’ impressive r


The 801 D4 Signature range takes the existing 801 D4 loudspe


Built to similar proportions as the flagship 801 D4, the 802


Our most compact headed model brings all the technical advan


For listeners who crave the performance of an 800 Series Dia


The 805 D4 stand-mount loudspeaker is the most compact model


The 805 D4 Signature stand-mount loudspeaker is compact and


Combining 2000 watts of digital amplification with twin bala


Using the same 10-in drivers found in the flagship 800 D3 sp


Despite its compact dimensions, DB3D delivers astonishingly


Give your home cinema set-up the bass impact it deserves wit


Get the best possible performance from your 600 Series stand


The stand-mount speakers in the range work best on our elega


Our 805 D4 stand-mount speakers work best when positioned at


A well-installed centre-channel speaker is the key to both c


Our largest centre-channel speaker is designed to partner th


For Theatre systems based on the more compact 803 D4 or 804


The 603 S3 is the largest loudspeaker in the 600 Series and


Our flagship centre-channel speaker features a Carbon Dome d


HTM72 S3 is the more compact centre-channel speaker in the n


For big sound in smaller spaces, you can’t beat ASW608, th


ASW610's long-throw 250mm driver allows it to move the large


ASW610XP, the most powerful of the 600 Series subwoofers, de


Why choose B&W?

Their 800 Series is a particular fave of ours. While you can’t ever call the 800 series cheap they are up there with the very best speakers in the world (and considerably more affordable when compared to some other very high end brands). We stock the whole range of B&W speakers.

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