Help & Support

General Advice

Buying HiFi and Home Cinema is different than many items. Each customer will have a unique set of requirements influenced by their own circumstances, including budget, listening objectives, listening room characteristics, lifestyle, etc. At Acoustica we take time to get to know our customers and understand how we can meet their requirements.

Choosing Your System

System choice is one of the key decisions in obtaining listening objectives. We will help our customers make this choice subject to their own personal constraints. We believe we can help customers choose a system, at any budget, that will satisfy their needs. Our advice is based on in-depth knowledge of the HiFi industry and what really makes a difference.


At Acoustica we understand that system installation and setup are key parameters in obtaining the best possible listening experience. For this reason, we work with customers and offer to install systems and components in their home to ensure you are getting the best from your investment.


We are proud that the systems and components we supply to our customers will meet their requirement and deliver an excellent listening experience. As HiFi enthusiasts, however, we recognise that enjoyment for music develops and needs mature. We therefore work continuously with customers as there needs develop. Our knowledge can help customers improve their listening by upgrading components such as cables, supports, etc. We are also always ready to advise on general upgrade paths in terms of key system components. At Acoustica we want your listening experience to develop and grow with time.