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Michell Engineering create reference class vinyl playback systems for people who live for music.

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The GyroDec turntable first introduced in the early 1980’s

The Gyro SE is a variation of the GyroDec design. Doing away

The Orbe is our flagship turntable, it builds upon all that

The Michell Orbe SE delivers a reference quality listen comp

The TecnoDec is our entry level turntable and it shares many

Why choose Michell Engineering?

Owning a Michell Engineering product, gives you the opportunity to experience your favourite music as the artist intended. All of our products use simple elegant design, high quality materials and superior engineering to achieve the best possible sound quality.

Our products are designed to neither add nor take away from the music. When asked how a Michell product sounds, the answer is neutral. No more. No less.

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