Stax manufacture the most highly regarded and most accurate range of headphones available today-bar none.

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The SR-007 Mk 2 system comprises the SR-007 MK2 electrostat

The SR-L700 System comprises of Stax SR-L700 Earspeakers and

The SRS-5100 System consists of SR-L500 Electrosatic Earspea

Why choose Stax?

They have been manufacturing their fine products since 1950, and their reputation is unequalled. Their products are the reference standard around the world in both recording studios (for monitoring) and for music loving audiophiles, who simply require the most accurate and best overall musical performance.

Stax describe their headphones as Earspeakers and unlike convential headphones with a standard 0.25 jack, Stax Earspeakers are mains driven via a matching valve or solid state energiser for uncompromised performance, all Earspeakers also offer Rolls Royce standards of comfort and build.

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