Unlocking secret layers in sound

Since 1953, Marantz has brought people closer to the music — unlocking the secret layers of whatever they choose to listen to. The simple act of playing your favourite album or watching your favourite movie through a Marantz system moves you from background listening to a fully immersive experience.

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CD 60 is for those who cherish their CD collections and who

Why choose Marantz?

Every Marantz product has passed through the hands of our talented and world-renowned Sound Masters. Becoming a Sound Master is a calling – a craft earned through long years of experimentation, education and love for what you do.

The Sound Master is equally student and teacher, exploring new approaches to sound creation, while drawing on the knowledge of those who have come before. Only a dedicated, talented few – people like Saul Marantz, Ken Ishiwata, Ryuichi Sawada, and Yoshinori Ogata – are fortunate enough to make it their vocation.

Knowledge gained through decades of experience is passed down to each new generation. The concepts and philosophies, through to the smallest details of how to make sound the Marantz way are shared in this exclusive, chosen group.

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