There is no substitute for experience. More than 50 years of designing, engineering, and manufacturing audio/video components has put Rotel at the top of the pack.

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The A10 is a 40-watt per channel integrated amplifier that w

The A11 is a 50-watt per channel integrated amplifier that s

The A11 Tribute is a Class AB 50W Integrated Amplifier devel

Rotel’s A12 integrated amplifier offers impressive audio p

The A14 is a high performance, 80-watt per channel integrate

Rotel’s CD player CD11 is ready to playback the 200+ milli

Rotel’s CD11 Tribute CD player was engineered with hands-o

Enjoy your CD collection investment with Rotel’s CD14 comp

The RA-1572 combines proven analogue design with sophisticat

The RA-1592 Integrated Amplifier leverages the strengths of

RB-1552 MkII is built upon the same platform as the RB-1582

At 2 x 200 Watts per channel and utilising Rotel’s Balance

The RB-1590 is at the top of its class as a 2 x 350 Watts st

The RC-1572 provides an entryway into higher performing sepa

For music enthusiasts who won’t accept compromise, the ref

The culmination of more than three decades of Rotel CD techn

Rotel’s T11 is a high quality FM/DAB+ tuner with up to 30

The T14 provides a wealth of high quality listening choices,

Why choose Rotel?

They have always been a family owned business. They we take the time to build, test, and critically evaluate each new model before it goes into production.

Acoustica stock Rotel and Michi products and they are a great addition to our portfolio.

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Introducing 300 Series

Sat 18th & Sun 19th November | 10am-5pm
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For the first time in over 20 years Naim Audio have launched a radically new
dedicated Pre-Amp called the Naim NAC 332 as well as a powerful set of true Mono
amplifiers called the Naim NAP 350. These combined with the brand new NSC 333
streamer come together to form a cutting edge system.

Of course, you can incorporate any of these new components in your existing
system. See overleaf for a breakdown of these new products.