Naim Uniti Nova Power Edition with KEF Reference 5 Meta Loudspeakers

We have been listening to Naim’s award-winning  Uniti Nova PE (Power Edition) all-in-one-player through KEF’s flagship Reference 5 Meta Loudspeakers. The Uniti Nova PE one-box music-streaming system is  powerful enough to drive the most demanding loudspeakers and to fill large spaces, thanks to Naim’s incorporation of the finest class D amplification technology. The Reference Meta 5 is the flagship of KEF’s Reference Series and is the model that all other high-performance loudspeakers compare themselves against.  The combination gives a wonderful well balanced sound and demonstrates the strengths of both player and loudspeakers. If you are considering an all-in-one-player and/or a high end loudspeaker, or both, then these are worth a listen.

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