Kudos Announce SIGAO DRIVE crossover

SIGAO DRIVE represents a ground-breaking new approach to crossover design, never before seen in mainstream HiFi. 

Neither traditionally active nor truly passive – SIGAO DRIVE is an external crossover with no power supply, situated in front of the power amplifier in the audio signal chain.

And with SIGAO DRIVE, Kudos loudspeakers are now made compatible with almost any audio brand on the market for the very first time. 

Previewed at the Bristol HiFi Show today, the Kudos Audio SIGAO DRIVE external crossover will be officially launched at The High End Munich in May and available in store during summer 2024.

More information, including pricing and technical specifications, will be released in May. If you would like to pre-order SIGAO Drive, please get in touch. 

For more information  please contact us

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