Dynaudio Contour 60i


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The Dynaudio Contour 60i is a full-size, three-way, floor-standing loudspeaker designed to deliver a sound output that’s as big as it is and more. Its precision components and unique midrange tweeter can produce a wall of sound with sufficient clarity that you can pick out every nuance in your favourite recordings.

Additional Information

Black High Gloss, Walnut Wood

High-end Tweeter

The Dynaudio Contour 60i is fitted with the Esotar 2i tweeter, an improved and upgraded version of the popular Esotar 2 model from earlier speakers. The addition of a Hexis dome and a larger rear chamber have smoothed out the frequency response and reduced unwanted resonances during playback, delivering a crystal-clear treble performance.

Incredible Mid-range Sound

What sets the 60i apart from the rest of the Dynaudio Contour range is the inclusion of a dedicated midrange driver, developed and stress tested at the Dynaudio Labs in Denmark. It comes equipped with a neodymium magnet system and an aluminium voice coil for that rich, warm sound. Paired with a set of two updated woofers (each boasting a larger magnet system, together with a new voice coil design), you get tight performance at the bass level as well as the midrange.

Timeless Design

While all loudspeakers should be judged on their performance, it doesn’t hurt that the Contour 60i from Dynaudio is also stunning to look at. Tall and sleek, the multi-layer curved cabinet includes a solid aluminium baffle that ensures a defined acoustic foundation for your music.

Your Choice of Finishes

The Dynaudio Contour 60i comes in two distinct finishes to match its minimalist design, with both being timeless variations on audio equipment classics and perfect for any setup. These include:

Black High Gloss
Walnut Wood

In-store Demonstration

We don’t want you to lay out your hard-earned money on a set of loudspeakers without knowing exactly what you’re getting. If you want to hear the Dynaudio Contour 60i in action, book a free demonstration at our Chester store. We have a custom-built demo room where you can check out all of our audio equipment and make sure it’s the right choice for you.

At-home Installation

Here at Acoustica, we want you to make the most of your new speakers, and that means setting them up properly in your music room. We don’t just deliver the Dynaudio Contour 60i directly to your door; we will even install them for you in the room of your choice, working with the size and configuration of the room to achieve optimal playback clarity. (Image is not of the Dynaudio Contour 60i).

Technical Specification


Sensitivity (dB @ 2.83V/1m) 88
Lower Cutoff (Hz @ +/- 3 dB) 28
Lower Cutoff (Hz @ +/- 3 dB) 23
Upper Cutoff (kHz @ +/- 3 dB) 23
Box Principle Bass reflex rear ported
Crossover 3-way
Crossover Frequency (Hz) 300/4500 Hz
Crossover Topology 2nd order
Tweeter 28mm Esotar 2i with Hexis
Midrange 15 cm MSP
Woofer 2x 23 cm MSP
Weight kg 54,3
Width 10
Height 52 3/8″
Depth 16 4/8″


Get in Touch

If you have any questions about the Dynaudio Contour 60i or wish to book yourself in for a demonstration, give Acoustica a call today. You can reach us on 01244 344 227 during our regular opening hours (Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 to 17:30), or you can email us at info@acoustica.co.uk to have someone from the team call you back.


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