Kudos Titan 606

Kudos is one of the biggest names in loudspeaker equipment, and their Titan range includes some of their most popular models. At the heart of the range is the Titan 606, featuring the very best in audio reproduction technology housed in a classic and minimalist casing that feels right at home in any room. No other speakers deliver the same clarity of sound and purity of signal as this remarkable device. If you’re a true music lover, the Kudos Titan 606 is a must-hear experience.

Additional Information

Liquid Amber, Walnut, Natural Oak, Black Oak, Gloss White, Gloss Black

Custom Components

Like all loudspeakers in the Kudos Titan series, the 606 features exclusive drive units produced by the world-renowned engineers at SEAS. This includes the K3 tweeter, which it shares with the rest of the range, plus a pair of mid/bass drivers that are unique to this model. These drivers are calibrated to work in perfect alignment, producing a quality of sound that needs to be heard to be believed.

A Pure Signal for a True Sound

As anybody in the industry will tell you, the key to true sound reproduction lies in the purity of the signal, and this is where the Kudos Titan 606 truly shines. Its minimalist design, low-order crossover, and superior components combine to preserve the purest of signals and deliver the clearest audio output.

All About the Bass

The lower end of the hearing spectrum is key to a rich and fulfilling music experience. The Titan 606 ensures high performance with minimal distortion at the bass register, thanks to its isobaric and fixed boundary bass reflex loading. This expert engineering helps to deliver a nuanced and textured bass sound unlike any other.

Your Choice of Finishes

The Kudos Titan 606 isn’t just a marvel of audio engineering; it looks great too, with a variety of finishes available to suit your own listening room aesthetic. These include:

Liquid Amber
Natural Oak
Black Oak
Gloss White
Gloss Black

In-store Demonstration

When buying a set of high-performance speakers like the Kudos Titan 606, you want to know that they’re all they’re cracked up to be. At Acoustica’s Chester store, we have a custom-built demonstration room where you can come and hear just how exceptional the sound reproduction of this model is. Call the team today to book an appointment and experience the quality of the Titan 606 for yourself.

At-home Installation

We’re not just a place to purchase high-end audio equipment; we are also committed audiophiles with decades of experience in the industry between us. We can deliver your new loudspeakers directly to your home and set them up for you to achieve optimal sound clarity in whichever room you set aside for your music. No matter the size or the layout, we guarantee the perfect setup for audio excellence.

Technical Specification


Type 2-way
Isobaric bass reflex
Recommended amplifier power detail 25W – 250W
Sensitivity @1W, 1m, 84db
Nominal impedance 8 ohms
Frequency range 20Hz – 30kHz AIRR (average in-room response)
Tweeter SEAS – Kudos Crescendo K3 29mm fabric dome
Mid/bass driver
2 x SEAS-Kudos 180mm unit with coated reed paper cone, 39mm voice coil with copper shorting ring and aluminium phase plug
Speaker Dimensions
950mm (h) x 256mm (w) x 320mm (d)
Plinth Dimensions
220mm (width) x 255 (depth)
Weight (per loudspeaker)


Get in Touch

If you have any questions about the Kudos Titan 606, our experts will be happy to answer them. Call the team today on 01244 344 227 during our regular opening hours (Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 to 17:30) during our regular opening hours (Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 to 17:30) with any queries, to book a demonstration, or to place an order. Alternatively, send an email to info@acoustica.co.uk, and we will have someone call you back.


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