Kudos Cardea C20

If you’re seriously tempted by the sound of our Cardea Super 20A but have a little less budget to play with, then the Cardea C20 is the one to audition. Built along very similar lines to the Super 20A, it offers a “gratifyingly spacious but precisely defined soundstage” (Hi-Fi News) and “jaw-dropping transient abilities” (Hi-Fi World), but with a more compact footprint. In common with all of our Cardea series models, the C20 is a terrific communicator. It brings the full, vivid detail of your music to life – from soaring and swooping highs, to an agile and precise bass, and never leaving out those ever-vital minutiae such as the skin-tingling background sounds of a great live session. Its easy 8-ohm impedance means that the C20 will partner effortlessly with a wide range of valve and solid state amplifiers.

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