KEF Q Series Grille


A neat black cloth grille to cover the drive units on KEF Q Series loudspeakers. Q Series cloth grilles conceal the speaker drivers and give the speaker a clean appearance. Magnetic fixings mean easy attachment and removal.

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Additional Information
Loudspeaker Grille

Q950 (pair), Q750 (pair), Q550 (pair), Q350 (pair), Q150 (pair), Q650c (piece), Q230c (piece)

Technical Specification

Model Dimension (H*W*D) Weight Colour
Q950 1035 x 236 x 10 mm 0.8kg (1.76 lbs) Black Cloth
Q750 898 x 204 x 10 mm 0.6kg (1.32 lbs) Black Cloth
Q550 845 x 174 x 13 mm 0.5kg (1.1 lbs) Black Cloth
Q350 330 x 200 x 10 mm 0.2kg (0.44 lbs) Black Cloth
Q150 274 x 173 x 9 mm 0.15kg (0.33 lbs) Black Cloth
Q650c 617 x 202 x 9 mm 0.4kg (0.88 lbs) Black Cloth
Q250c 516 x 170 x 9 mm 0.4kg (0.88 lbs) Black Cloth


Get in Touch

If you have any questions about the KEF Q Series Grille , the team at Acoustica is happy to help. To arrange a demonstration, place an order, or for impartial, professional advice, call us on 01244 344 227 during our regular opening hours (Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 to 17:30). Alternatively, drop us an email to and someone from the team will call you back.


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