Ex-Demonstration Hi-Fi Equipment

Here at Acoustica, we like our customers to be able to experience the quality of our audio equipment prior to purchase, which is why we have our custom-built demonstration room in our Chester store. Here, you can listen to any of our models under optimal conditions to get a feel for their performance before you make your decision.

From time-to-time, as we cycle through our stock, some of these items are taken out of commission. While they still work perfectly, having been operated with care and attention by our trained team of audio experts, we cannot sell them as new. This is your opportunity to secure a real bargain on our ex-demonstration hi-fi equipment, safe in the knowledge that you’ll get the same incredible performance as if you bought them new in the box.`

Honest and Transparent
Ex-Display Audio Equipment

When you buy an ex-demonstration model from Acoustica, you always know what you’re getting. We provide you with details of any audio or cosmetic issues that the device might have developed during its time as a demonstration piece, and this will also be reflected in the price.

The Same High Standard of Service

Just because you’re buying a piece of ex-display hi-fi equipment, you still benefit from our exceptional levels of customer service. We are happy to offer you a demonstration of the model in action (think of it as its last demo before you take it home). We can also provide a home installation service to ensure it is properly set up to match the acoustic qualities of your music room.

Our Latest Ex-Demonstration Models

Our stock of pre-owned consists of one-off bargains and is constantly being updated as we retire models from our in-store demo room. These are some of our latest items.

For more details, give the Acoustica team a call today.


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