Loud Speakers

One technology that has become a trademark for Focal is their superb inverted dome Beryllium tweeters, capable of covering more than five octaves (1000 Hz – 40 kHz). 

They are absolutely up there with the best tweeters in the world – period!

The research and development that Focal perform for their reference speakers ultimately trickles down the range and improves every product in their collection. 

A perfect partner for Naim electronics.

Nearly half a century ago in the small town of Skanderborg, a group of engineers who shared a passion for music came to the conclusion that even the best loudspeakers available at the time were incapable of playing music without coloration. Enter Dynaudio!

Fast forward to the present day and Dynaudio have grown to a huge degree that they now possess the largest loudspeaker measuring room in Europe.

We carry a large range of speakers from this stunning brand including the Special Forty model which was named “Best stand mount speaker” award from What Hi-Fi in both 2017 and 2018.  We also have their towering Confidence 50’s on permanent demonstration as well as other models in the Confidence range.

Made in the UK Kudos produce a range of loudspeakers.  They have a philosophy of using only the very best components in their speakers, with special care and attention given to the choice of the main drive unit and tweeter.

Kudos have developed a long-standing relationship with SEAS loudspeaker driver manufacturers in Norway and this has allowed them to incorporate some of the world’s finest components, such as the world-renowned Crescendo tweeter into their products.

Russell K is a British Company that designs and builds Precision Audio Loudspeaker Systems. They are totally focused on producing the most authentic and believable sound possible. This means that they approach the art of speaker building from a unique angle.



Bowers & Wilkins was founded in the UK in 1966 in the sleepy coastal town of Worthing. From these humble beginnings they have been at the forefront of high-performance audio for more than 50 years. They design and manufacture precision home speakers and headphones that set new standards for innovation and sound quality, earning countless awards and accolades from the world’s leading recording studios and musicians.

ATC is a specialist British manufacturer of loudspeakers and was formed in 1974 by Billy Woodman to manufacture custom drive units for the professional music industry. ATC continue to design and manufacture loudspeaker drive units and systems to achieve levels of performance far in excess of the industry norm. This is achieved by adopting a thoroughly professional engineering approach to the issue of basic design, materials science and production technology.

Fyne Audio are a Scottish based speaker company which was born in 2017. Tannoy operations director Gabriel O’Donohue, product development director Stuart Wilkinson and design and engineering director Dr. Paul Mills all left to form Fyne Audio. Clearly not every hi-fi enthusiast pays attention to corporate changes but the fact that the company’s management team boasts collective audio industry experience of over 200 years is unique and is something that money can’t buy. This experience can be heard throughout the range which we feel offers particularly good value in today’s market.